Giacometti, Alberto – Isaku Yanaihara

آلبرتو جاکُومِتّی

ایساکو یاناهارا

Isaku Yanaihara

Oil on canvas

Sizes: 84 x 73 cm



Alberto Giacometti


Sculptor, Painter,
Printmaker, draughtsman

Born: 10 October, 1901, Borgonovo, Switzerland

Died: 11 January, 1966,
Chur, Switzerland

Periods: Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism,
Formalism, Modern art

He was born in the canton Graubünden’s southerly alpine valley Val Bregaglia, as the eldest of four children to Giovanni Giacometti, a well-known post-Impressionist painter. Coming from an artistic background, he was interested in art from an early age