Saura, Antonio – Trois Visions (4)

آنتونیو سائورا

سه نگرش (اثر فرانسیسکو دِ کِوِدو)

Trois Visions

By: Francisco de Quevedo

Lithograph with watercolor

Image Sizes:38.7 x 56.7cm

Paper Sizes: 38.7 x 56.7cm

Edition: 1/37


Antonio Saura


Painter, Printmaker, Writer

Born: September 22, 1930, Huesca, Spain

Died: July 22, 1998, Cuenca, Spain

Antonio Saura was a Spanish artist and writer, one of the major post-war painters to emerge in Spain in the fifties whose work has marked several generations of artists and whose critical voice is often remembered.