A prologue on The 6th Festival of 30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days

Amir Rad


Amazingly six years have passed since the first Festival of 30 performances, 30 Artists, 30 days.

Initially the aim of this festival was the introduction of the performance art to audiences and artists alike.

In order to insure that this medium would take its place amongst other artistic forms we strove for the inclusion and development of the theory of this medium. Part of the festival role has also been to both raise awareness and inform whilst providing a platform for its presentation and the opportunity to explore and experience this medium both directly and indirectly.

As we approach the sixth festival we are able to see the progress that has been achieved by holding these festivals. If in the early days finding thirty artists seemed like an impossible task. Today we are witnessing an impressive number of artists in this field.

At the start of this festival the media paid very little if any attention and gave no mention of this artistic medium, whether in journals, newspapers or university circles. It had no presence in any of the visual and performing festivals. However, six years on, we have an influx of reviews, commentaries and university graduate final papers and furthermore, performance art is regarded as an artistic medium with an independence and unique style of its own.

The University festivals and Fadjr festival now regard this medium as an important and intricate part of their festivals and we are honoured that our festival has found its place as their source and reference.

The selection of the artists is as before based on their ongoing contribution and activity in the field of performance art, both in their practice and their contribution to the development of its theory, how effective they have been in the introduction, presenting and developing of this medium in the last year.

The 30 selected artists are becoming a small number of the active artists in this field and each year the festival host will be presenting fewer artists.

The focus of theory and practice in this festival is “the relationship between space and place and its importance to performance art.

The Sixth Festival of 30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days Will be held at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for the second time in 2017. We thank each and every Artist, the Supporters, Organisers and Managers and all who have contributed to this event.

Amir Rad

December 2016

All the performances will begin at 5 pm.

Festival will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

You can find the name of every performance and possible changes just the night before each

performance on the websites below.

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art entrance fee for a performance is 5000 tomans.

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art entrance fee for 30 performances is 50000 tomans.

You can buy the ticket from The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art or online through the tiwall website.

New Media Circle members will receive 50% discount, for more information please visit

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art website.

Please note that the capacity of audience acceptance is different and limited for each performance.

The performance art workshop by Amir Rad is free to public.ُ The workshop will start at 2 pm.